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I. Definitions:



  1.         Provider: NOBEL Management Consulting Kft. (Headquarters: Hungary, 1222, Budapest, Pincemester u. 6.), which operates the DronHive system and an organisation which is for the purposes of the Data Management Directive, it is considered to be a Data Controller.


  1.         User: a natural person who signs up and submits data to DronHive and uses the DronHive system also accepts the DronHive system Terms of Use and Data Security Directive. The User is considered to be affected by the Data Management Directive.


  1.         Drone: remote controlled flying device that the User registers for the use of the DronHive system and for which the User submits data to the DronHive system.


  1.         Service: DronHive as a database and as a feature - DronHive is a special community network that registers owners of drones, and the database management software allows you to access, store, organize, compile and compile various data for drones.



II. Protecting Your Personal Information on the Website:

Materials containing personal data and personal data sent to the website are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Website Privacy Policy.


III. Registration:


The User registers with a username, a telephone and an e-mail address. The username does not have to match the user's actual wiring and / or first name, it may be a nickname, a unique character combination or a fictitious name. The phone number and email address provided for the user name must, however, be realistic, so they are considered real personal data. The authenticity of the contacts given during the registration may be verified by the Service Provider and if any of the contact information is not real (including the fact that the User can not be reached at the specified e-mail address or on the given phone number), it may result in deletion of the registration.



IV. User profile:


During registration, a user profile is created, which is uniquely associated with the User. The user profile of the user can include various data about his drone, such as: drone parameters, photographs, flight data. Its not a requirement, no user can be required to apply a certain quantity or quality data, so it depends on the user how often, how much and what kind of data he or she receives from his drone from its flights, and what to upload. The user profile may be public or closed. The public user profile information is visible to all other users of the DroneHive system, whereas the closed user profile is that it can only be seen by the user who created it. The Privacy Policy for data entered in the user profile and the rules for deleting the user profile are explained in detail in the Privacy Policy.



V. Intellectual property rights:

The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights attached to the texts, images and other materials contained on the Website and not by the User are the Service Provider or a person / organization licensed by the Service Provider for the specific work / intellectual creation display. Any reproduction of any part of the web site may not be used, modified, or otherwise used in any other work, publication or web site for profit.

The NOBEL Management Consulting Kft.® is registered trademark of NOBEL Management Consulting Kft. All rights reserved.

VI. Links to other websites:

Following links in the Service Provider website, you may leave the Service Provider's network and access content outside the website. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the content, accuracy and operation of third-party websites. Referrals will be made available to the User in good faith. Placing links to other websites does not mean that the Service Provider supports any web site in any form. To the fullest extent, we encourage the User to know and read carefully the legal and privacy statements that are posted on other websites.



VII. Using cookies:

In accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (2002/58 / EC) and in the law on Electronic Communications 2003, the Service Provider hereby informs the User that the website want to use cookies for reaching the system.


Cookies provide information to the Service Provider about how Users use the Web site. Cookies help the Provider to tailor the Web site to the User's personal needs. The Service Provider preserves all the information collected from the cookies in a non-identifiable format. These small files are stored on the user's hard disk to record data and to facilitate the user's visit. This type of information obtained through cookies is provided by the Service Provider only to third parties who have been processed as a processor. The Service Provider will not use the information obtained from the cookies for any advertisements not previously requested by the User, so called Behavioral advertising to the user.


By signing up, the User agrees to accept the Privacy Policy for the use of the cookies as aforesaid not recording or containing personal data.



VIII. E-marketing:

Spam means emails sent without the consent of the User that contain advertising or marketing-related material. The Service Provider does not send spam e-mails, ie unsolicited commercials. The Service Provider shall not use the User's personal data (including the User's Email Address) for direct marketing or follow-up communications unless the User issues the explicit consent (so-called opt-in) to the Service Provider. The Service Provider shall not transfer the User's personal data to any third party that uses it to send SPAMs.


IX. Prohibited activity:

Users may not perform any activity deemed inappropriate or prohibited by the Service Provider in its discretion and / or any applicable law on the Website, including:

  •          Personal information of individuals or harm to their reputation;
  •          Use of the Website for the purpose of defamation or defamation of the Service Provider, its employees or other persons and any other practices that violate the Service Provider's reputation;
  •          Uploading virus files;
  •          The Service Provider or third-party systems or network security is suspected of damaging, abusive, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise illegal material being posted to or transmitted to the Website.


X. Disclaimer:


The creation and editing of a user profile is fully under the control of the User, so the Provider is considered to be the Provider's Hosting Provider for providing the necessary storage space for creating a user profile and securing the Framework Program, but the User is responsible for the contents of the submitted data, such as photographs, The User is responsible for not damaging the rights, honors or human dignity of any other person with the photographs that he has taken for the image, personal data or good repute. The Provider excludes any liability for damages in connection with the data provided by Users, given that the User's data is voluntary and the Service Provider does not exercise any quality, content or other control. The User acknowledges that the Service is free of charge and can not be subjected to higher expectations than the quality and functionality of "as is" in terms of quality and functionality, and therefore the Service Provider does not Assumes no warranty or warranty. In particular, the Service Provider does not warrant that the Service will be defective to suit individual needs and to be free from intermittent shutdown or malfunction. However, the Service Provider will do its utmost to continuously improve the quality of the Service and adapt it to the needs of Users.


XI. Jurisdiction and applicable law:

By visiting the Website, the User agrees that any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the use of the Website shall be governed by the law of Hungary. The courts of Hungary have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any disputes.

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