0. What is DronHive's purpose?

It creates peace, tranquility and recognition for the drone users! 

With all goodness today, every ordinary person looks at every drone as a danger, a terrorist tool, a fear and an alarming device! Every drone is considered weird, unreliable, and dangerous! This is perfectly understandable, the lack of knowledge for all that reacts to man! So it was in 1904 with flying clowns! Or around 1890, when there was a red flag and a pistol before the car, so it wouldn’t scare the people. It took a long time for people to realized what the reality was and what media hysterics caused. We are confident that in order to have our work safely, entertainment, our hobbies, we need first of all peace. For this we are willing to do all that can be done today.

  • A) It is currently valid according to the common usage specifications and we announce the flight so that anyone can see it! Doing so can not threaten us with a risk of injury or turbulence in case of an accident.
  • B) We follow the minimal ethical principles that our community has created!
  • C) The fact that this is the responsibility of the competent Authorities, organizations, watching it or not, we concider that task of the maker of the laws. We will, in any case, help those traveling with us in the same air to be able to see us or notice us!
  • We hope that over time, as in cars, ships, aircrafts, motorcycles, people will get accustomed to the fact that drones are flying close by!

1. How do I record a flight step by step on a web interface?

  • a. In the Start Flight box, select the day. The little gray cubes under the Time sliders! If you slide them right and left you can easily set the time! The initial time is always the current time.

  • b. If your drop-down list don’t have your favorite flight site, than press the Gmap button. Select the place where you fly and click on the map. A red marker is placed on the map and you can name the new place. With the Record button, you will return to the map, which can be closed by clicking on the gray X at the top right corner. Then the new place will be there at the end of the drop-down list.

  • c. Choose your drone

  • d. Click the Capture button.

We will notify you with an e-mail about your check-in!

2. Can I book a flight ahead and / or in hindsight?


You can book ahead and in hindsight flight. It makes sense to alleviate your own renown and you help us and others to measure who, where, where to are flying.

3. I do not have my type on the list!

Record it as "Non categorized" type, please write us your machine manufacturer's name, type, weight, max speed, max range, maximum available altitude. Helping us to make a database with that type. The system will then make a red circle to indicate on the map where is your drone take-off location and its conceptual separational space.

4. When and how does my flight appear?

Your flight on the map will appear with the yellow flying flag when it arrives in time! So if you pre-fix the take-off, you will not see it until we get there in time. After the flight has been closed, a small marker changes to green and will be there for 4 hours.

5. What happens, if I forget to close the flight?

Its not a problem. The system will automatically close the 1 hour delayed unplanned flight and the flight time will be set to 0. Your announcement will therefore not take into account, but it will only be time for your time.

6. Will the Authority arrest you on my announcements?


Of course: Immediately and forever!

Seriously: No law, no regulation, nothing prohibits flying with these devices today legally valid in Hungary. So you don’t have to worry about anything! They will not be quoting for that! If the question arises every time, this is the only perfect proof that you have done everything in good faith to inform your environment. So you will be okay by the law even if something goes wrong with flying.

7. What is a DronHive mobile client for?

Both clients are available in Play and iTunes stores for free! Both applications can be registered with DronHive. This is necessary for the three main functions to be available:
  • 1. Drone pilot ID
  • Includes drone pilot data, photo, training and insurance details.
  • 2. Flight Reporting
  • Allows you to manually record take up and downs from the selected position with the machine selected from the list. (The machines can be registered on the web interface, or need to wait for the automatic registration! On Android it’s the same, The DH client sends the flight log after the flight, which, when processed, if the serial number machine is not yet registered, it automatically registers the User!)
  • 3. Surveying air space information
  • The current airspace utilization plan can be inquired at any time! With a slider, you can view the time state in advance and before.
  • A) Android client
  • By sliding the screen to the left (pilot card) or right (an airplane map), the individual surfaces can be reached. The starting page is the flight reporting page.
    • - Manual announcement
    • In the mobile's current geographic location, a pickup request is sent to the server from the selected machine list. If a successful response arrives with the take-off unique code, it starts the clock. When it is stopped, it will act the same way and stop the clock. If any announcement is unsuccessful due to the unavailability of the network, then that step fails. If the handwritten announcement is terminated, the server closes it after 1 hour with 0 flight times.
    • - Automatic reporting
    • "It allows laziness but still ensures to make document about it." It does not replace a manual announcement since it can only detect
      • - DJI GO
      • - DJI GO 4
      • - Litchi
      Created logs. These are max. 1 hour after the flight is completed, it is loaded into the system.
  • B) iOS client
  • Three tabs appear on the screen. Which of the pilot cards is the startup.
    • - Manual announcement
    • In the mobile's current geographic location, the selected machine sends a take off request to the server! If a successful response arrives with the unique take-off code, it starts the clock. When it is stopped, it will act the same way and stop the clock. If any announcement is unsuccessful due to the unavailability of the network, then that step fails. If the manual announcement is terminated, the server closes it after 1 hour with 0 flight times.
    • - Automatic notification
    • The IOS system is not suitable for this function! The manufacturer itself makes it impossible!
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