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  • to present Insurance Companies, how many and how reliable we flight
  • to present, that we want to share our flights,
  • probably you can get a job over it!
Success! You can get as a single person insurance, if you ask it after login!
Till today 17.000 confirmation of responsibility by drone pilots!
Shock or surprise...

News, informations

  • 32 thousand - Jan 2021
    And here is the New Year! We are live and happy, that reached this huge number of flight reports! Do the same in the future for the Air Safety!
  • New step for air safety! May 2019
    Not an easy job going through drone airspaces today! It is realy hard, when deleted the telephone contact data to responsible people in Hungarian publications! We captured it from international sites and published it on our map. Air Safety is the first - as we think!
  • 20.000 logs - Apr 2019
    Yess, there is near 900 drone pilot, who is care on flight safety, who is brave and proud about, what he achieved! Thanks for it again!
  • New features - Jan 2019
    A lot of new features at the dronhive!
    • PRO subscription
    • Badges
    • FaceBook share
    • Most valued flights
  • 10.000 - ten thousand fact - Sep 2017
    We made it! We hit the counter of ten thousand Flight Records. We are able to learn about our records, just check the own and system wide reports. We are able to ask insurance for a private people also. We are small, we are divided but... Thanks for achiving this Anybody!


We are waiting for other Educators promotion films and brossures for marketing!
Registration to 2 days basic drone pilot course. Training price 59.500.- HUF
Next courses place: BudaWest Center and times on: - PANDEMIA, PANDEMIA, PANDEMIA


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256d 17h 4m 21 s
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Who use it?

you can catch this people inside
Superb, that this page exist, I want to be better and better every time! I am sure on the good way!
„This page is a huge backend for me. I can learn a lot of my and of course from others flights. There is everytime something to learn and evolve!”
„Perfect application, I like it. My boys just now starting with drones, Using DronHive will be a natural need for youngs...”
My life is flying, I favorize DronHive!”

Badges and Trials

DronHive gives badges according to Your experience. You can follow your development on any aspect: speed, distance, altitude, flight time, reliability. Register for challenges, join us! Be a part of an evolving, own defending community. We can show our power, our unique capability in a team. DronHive delivers a forum and possibility to achieve it!

Login and record your flights!

You will get an online statistic. On your profile page You can follow your development in any way.

Actual Airspace Usage

Recorded Number of drones : 1322 | Number of fligths : 37175 | Full flight time : 256d 17h 4m 21 s |
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